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Visit to Randolph and Lower Cemetery, Columbia, SC

Today, we went to Randolph Cemetery and Lower Cemetery in Columbia, SC.  Both cemeteries are next to Elmwood Cemetery.  I got the idea to go visit after visiting this blog.  It is a pretty awesome site, and you should check … Continue reading

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Hidden Secrets of Oconee

So two posts in one day!!!!  WOOO!  I bet you are excited to see what else awaits you in South Carolina!   This post does include ruins, but that’s a bit further down on the page if you want to … Continue reading

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Saluda Factory Ruins and Ruins of Old State Road Bridge

I’m so sorry it’s been awhile updating this blog.  I haven’t found anything really new in South Carolina lately.  SO…if anyone who reads this blog knows of any unique hidden places or ruins in South Carolina, let me know!  Any … Continue reading

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