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I'm the writer of the hidden history of South Carolina blog. Unfortunately, I've moved to Virginia, and can no longer write for it, or just add Virginia spots...but if you would like to take on the Blog, let me know. my other blog, Thou Shalt Fly without Wings, is my personal blog about my journey through education, history, horses, and the paranormal.

Hi everyone

It’s been a few years since I’ve updated this blog.  I’ve moved to Virginia, and at first I thought I might change this to a hidden history of Virginia Blog.  However, that would undermine South Carolina.  If you are interested … Continue reading

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Visit to Randolph and Lower Cemetery, Columbia, SC

Today, we went to Randolph Cemetery and Lower Cemetery in Columbia, SC.  Both cemeteries are next to Elmwood Cemetery.  I got the idea to go visit after visiting this blog.  It is a pretty awesome site, and you should check … Continue reading

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Battle of the Waxhaws Site, near Lancaster, SC

We visited this site earlier this year, but due to forgetfulness and business, I forgot to post this.  Now this site is not exactly hidden, and it is one of Banastre Tarleton’s most infamous British victories.  Americans argue it was … Continue reading

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2013 in review

Hopefully this year I will be able to find new places to see.   If you have any hidden places in SC like ruins or old historical places, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Here’s an excerpt: A San … Continue reading

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Hidden Secrets of Oconee

So two posts in one day!!!!  WOOO!  I bet you are excited to see what else awaits you in South Carolina!   This post does include ruins, but that’s a bit further down on the page if you want to … Continue reading

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Saluda Factory Ruins and Ruins of Old State Road Bridge

I’m so sorry it’s been awhile updating this blog.  I haven’t found anything really new in South Carolina lately.  SO…if anyone who reads this blog knows of any unique hidden places or ruins in South Carolina, let me know!  Any … Continue reading

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Long Canes Massacre, Badwell Cemetery and Guillebeau Cemetery, McCormick South Carolina

I apologize for not having any new posts lately.  I’ve been student teaching this year, and now I actually have time to pursue my other interests.  A few weeks ago, I visited the Long Canes Massacre site in McCormick County. … Continue reading

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Graniteville and it’s Cemetery.

  The view of Horse Creek Valley where many mills of Aiken reside So I figured I would continue this series about places in South Carolina on my blog. My boyfriend and I spent New Years Eve exploring a mill … Continue reading

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North Augusta: A Hidden Past.

  (Map of New Windsor: includes Fort Moore and Savannah Town) Disclaimer: While I am a History Major, I am not the Go-To person for the History of North Augusta.  I decided to write this blog to let people know … Continue reading

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