Battle of the Waxhaws Site, near Lancaster, SC

We visited this site earlier this year, but due to forgetfulness and business, I forgot to post this.  Now this site is not exactly hidden, and it is one of Banastre Tarleton’s most infamous British victories.  Americans argue it was a massacre, but some argue that war is war.  I’ll let you read more about the battle on Wikipedia’s page.  

Many people forget about South Carolina’s involvement in the Revolutionary War.  More Revolutionary War battles occurred in South Carolina than any other state.   Today, some of the major sites are preserved like 96, Camden, and King’s Mountain.  Information to get to those sites are readily available online.  However, the Battlefield for the Waxhaws (Also known as Buford Battleground) is now a privately own cattle farm.



However, there is a small plot of land dedicated to the battle, and includes many graves.


To find the Battle of Waxhaws site, here are the coordinates: 

N 34° 44.454 W 080° 37.546
17S E 534256 N 3844374
For my GPS, I just used intersection, and it is on the intersection of Pageland Highway and Rocky River Road.   
I wanted to include this site, because it is easily missed, and does not get the same attention as bigger battlefields in South Carolina.  Interestingly enough, the site is said to be haunted, which I wouldn’t doubt considering the history of the site.  I won’t express an opinion on the battle itself, due to how controversial the ending was, but I will say that there is a sadness about the site.  We were on the corner of an intersection of two busy highways, but it was eerily quiet.   Here are some photos of the site.ImageImageImageImage

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